Take every opportunity to learn more about yourself. A thorough examination of your skills, abilities, interests and experiences is the preliminary and most essential step in the job search.

Develop a contact network. Personal contacts often lead to unadvertised job openings, so be visible and tell everyone that you are looking for a job.

You must package yourself. Increase your chances for finding a job by having a typewritten resume which describes your past employment, education, and outside activities. Your resume should reflect the very best qualities you have to offer.

Develop effective job search strategies. Develop a plan of action. Maintain a notebook which lists employers to be contacted and comments about employers already seen. Develop follow-up plans for each employer.

Use your research skills: investigate, read, and conduct interviews in order to gather information about careers and the job market. Take the time to research employers in the occupational field you are pursuing. Use the phone book, business directories and publications, annual reports, and the business section of the newspaper. These are available at your local library or JVS Career Center Library and Resource Center.

The job interview continues to be the most widely used method for selecting employees. Your appearance, attitude and personality are being evaluated during the interview. Improving your interviewing skills requires coaching, practice and role playing.

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